About Us

Knight Kit was established in 2005, we specialise in the design and development of battery powered lighting for the control of traffic – vehicles, construction plant, aircraft and people.

The first product we designed was an economical blue personal safety light for the emergency services, we have been supplying updated versions of these to police authorities and police officers throughout the UK as well as world wide.

The emergency services light became an instant success and we have developed several options that allow the wearer to attach the blue light to uniform accessories via the Klick Fast carrying and docking systems found on most modern police uniforms.

Klickfast docks and studs are used widely throughout the emergency services to attach Airwaves (Sempura & Motorola) radio systems and we now stock the most popular Klickfast accessories for the convenience of our customer base.

Adding ranges of other battery powered safety lights was a natural progression and we consequently developed traffic control batons and traffic control wands and other illuminated beacons to supplement the safety of police and the other emergency services such as the fire and rescue services.

Traffic control lights are also highly relevant to other sectors, construction and highway workers in particular and we now supply a diverse range of customers all of whom benefit from the portability and visible presence these low cost traffic torches provide.

Latest in the line of emergency services focussed products is our battery powered LED hazard warning lights – which include our own Knight Pod. Supplied in a case of 6 as well as individually, these rechargeable road flares are supplied with chargers and are available in amber, blue, red and green variations. Different models have different operating modes and are suited to a wide range of sectors including police, military and civilian operators such as the construction and highway sectors.

With 6 in a case which weighs less than 3.2 kgs, emergency services personnel can deploy these in series directing traffic around obstacles, creating safe passageways and cordons, even demarking landing zones for helicopter landing. With our traffic cone mounting adapter the road flares can also be traffic cone mounted.

A strong magnetic base allows them to be firmly attached to metallic surfaces. The clever design also means that the magnet does not directly contact with the surface and so will not scratch paintwork if deployed on vehicles etc…

The Knight Pod comes in several variants, Police Pod is the blue version whilst there are yellow/amber warning lights, and green and red warning lights available for the civilian sector where they are widely used as a low level warning lights in factories and large work places.

We stock a wider range of products not just limited to LED lighting, such as Klickfast fittings manufactured by Peter Jones (ILG), which we hope saves our customers having to trawl the internet for items they frequently require.

Certain items with blue light output are restricted for sale to police and other emergency services but apart from these and unless otherwise stated, anyone is welcome to purchase from our website.

Who we supply

Knight Kit supply most of the UK police forces which include the London Metropolitan police, Lothian and Borders police, Humberside police authority, Devon and Dorset police, Essex police, West Midlands police and others.

We also are suppliers to the MOD, RAF, Army Air Corps, UK based elements of the USAF, SARTU and NATO providing with traffic control lights and other warning beacons around the globe.