Construction Roadworkers Safety Light

Construction Roadworkers Safety Light

An incredibly versatile, bright, lightweight and rechargeable safety light that can be attached simply by means of velcro style sticky pads to hard hats and PPE.

They weigh less than 6 grams and so are unnoticeable when worn and been so lightweight they need nothing more than the supplied non permanent sticky velco style pads that as standard.  The pads can be peeled off equipment or clothing without causing damage and replacement material is readily available so the light can be attached virtually anywhere.

A tiny rechargeable power cell can keep these flashing for up to 6 hours continually (subject to setting) and with multiple colour options in the one unit you can select what colour is required. In construction it is typically red to the rear and white to the fore so that observers can see what direction an operator is orientated towards – a key safety consideration where moving plant and equipment is concerned.

In the hours of darkness team leads, supervisors and managers can be determined by using different colour settings, an efficiency gain for busy construction sites when its difficult identifying where supervisors are located.

The lights can be recharged in as little as 20 minutes from the mains using the USB cable provided or via in vehicle charging points although the recharge time then will be longer.

Light output is remarkable due to the latest high efficiency LED’s used in the ‘Microlight’  its primary purpose to identify a worker rather than to operate as a torch so its flashing modes are recommended but it does have solid on torch capability (obviously this drains the small battery down more quickly).