NEW Banksman Safety Wand

NEW Banksman Safety Wand

Our latest traffic wand design introduces a two button operation so that traffic marshalls (often reffered to as banksmen in the trade) can continually cycle through red and green signalling modes using the unique pressure switch which has to be pressed and held to operate the green lighting mode.once the traffic wand has been turned on.

The concept is simple and is similar to safety devices used in industry and transport  where a user has to exert continuous  pressure for the green light function to operate. If the user releases pressure the traffic wand reverts back to a red light mode giving a STOP. indicator.

This makes opertor training highly intuitive, they do not have to fumble trying to press different switches to operate different light modes just release pressure, if an operator trips or drops the unit it will revert back to red.

This is similar in principle to our  earlier design however this was limited to a single button operation which meant that operators had to use the same button to turn the wand on which went red immediately, a press and hold gave a green light and on release the wand reverted to red, however the next time you pressed the button it powered the wand off so you had to click twice to repeat the cycle.

With a two button operation, you power on the unit which goes red, then using the second button a press and hold gives the green light, release and its back to red, press and hold and green again. The light wand is always on until you select the power switch,

For good measure we have built in a practical and useful white light torch feature in the nose cone and also a red only function so that the light can for example be warn as a safety light if combined with our Klickfast fitting accessories.

We believe that this is a significant improvement on our earlier model and will be a very  positive contribution to banksman safety

See a quick demo here:-