Police & Public Sector

We supply police, fire, military and other public sector organisations within the UK and worldwide. This include authorities such as the Metropolitan Police, Hertfordshire Police, Kent Police, North and South Yorkshire Police, Strathclyde and Lothian Police, Essex Police, Northumbria Police and more.  We also supply the RAF which includes the Search and Rescue Training Unit (SARTU), NATO, ISAF, HMRC and the USAF.

As well as being registered with the Blue Light purchasing portal we accept all official purchase orders, can offer flexible payment terms and typically supply most of our goods straight from stock within days.

We have worked in partnership with several organisations in the past in order to develop products to meet specific customer requirements. One such example has been the Knight Pod battery powered rechargeable emergency services beacon which was enhanced after a 12 month evaluation period with the RAF and which is now in service with many of the RAF’s helicopter squadrons in operation throughout the world.

SARTU evaluated them for an extended period of time with their Squadron Leader Officer Commanding commenting

They were visible from a good distance on NVG and did not blow away or lose power at all during the whole night flying period.  They are definitely a vast improvement on the Glims™ we were using, being lighter, more manageable and vastly more reliable

The Knight Pod was designed to be extremely robust, rechargeable and compact enough to stow in any type of vehicle not just those restricted to land only operations.

A case of 6 Knight Pods weighing less than 3.2 kilos offer a highly versatile alternative to traditional warning and indicator beacons, they can literally be dropped onto the ground without suffering damage, they are toughened for military and emergency services duty and will have a considerably longer operational life when compared to a traditional light beacon.

Being rechargeable the cost of replacement batteries is no longer a consideration – thus the argument in favour of Knight Pods for the police, military or fire service becomes very compelling especially with the police, fire and military aviation services facing huge reductions in budgets.

With several traffic cone fixing options Knight Pods can be mounted on cones above the road or ground surface.

Subject to the commercial viability of such joint development projects we are always happy to explore the possibility of designing and supplying new ranges so please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas or requirements – it may just be to the benefit of both our organisations.