Hazard Lights - Road, Construction, Aviation

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Having designed and developed many of the solutions available within this range, quite often in response to the enquiries we received from customers, we have produced economical, highly visible and portable sources of light which are a positive contribution to safety during the hours of darkness.

Our lights are designed with a significant amount of built in redundancy, should a single light source fail you won’t be left with an non operational item and that to is were we differ from many other manufacturers who might use LED technology but not consider the realities of operational deployment.

LED technology dramatically increases the life expectancy of your lights, with operating hours being measured in many 000’s of hours when compared to regular torch incandescent light bulbs. Furthermore the power requirements differ greatly too, LED’s being far more economical reducing the number of times you have to recharge or replace your batteries.

LED’s are small and lightweight which means you can pack different colours into a compact light housing giving you greater versatility without compromising on size and weight, a good example of this is our KB24 Compact red and green traffic control signalling light used for stop/go indication. This has 19 LED’s packed into a housing less than 30 cm’s long and can be seen from over 500 metres.

Newest addition to our range is the Police Pod and Knight Pod blue, amber, red and green hazard lights. Rechargeable, extremely robust and amazingly versatile these lights can be used by a wide range of organisations and personnel for applications as diverse as road hazard warning lights to air ambulance helicopter landing zones.