Banksman Safety Wand Red/Green & Fixing Kit

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Banksman red traffic wand with unique pressure activated green light function and PPE fixing kit


Our latest safety banksman traffic wand with fixing kit so that the wand can be retro fitted to PPE.

The pressure activated traffic wand has a two switch operation incorporating a pressure switch similar in concept to a ‘Deadman’ lever which switches the light from green to red as soon as pressure is released from the button.

With two button operation this unit is powered on and off separately an advantage over our earlier model that relied on a single button operation which was slower to operate as a consequence.

The advantage is an operator is able to continually cycle from red to green simply by holding/releasing pressure on the appropriate function button, with a separate power button for turning it on and off.

Compared to single button traffic wands which typically require 6 button depressions before you cycle back around to the red signal again, the banksman wand takes just 2, and after its been turned on its just 1 press and release to switch from red to green – that means signalling is significantly faster which improves operator safety considerably.

The lower button activates the banksman safety feature turning the unit on with a solid red light, press and hold pressure to activate the green solid light, release it and it reverts to red, press again to activate green etc.

This innovative design makes a very positive contribution to operator safety, operators simply have to release pressure on the button to send out a RED for stop signalling light, put pressure back on the button to continue with a GREEN signalling light and repeat.

This simple operation is also highly intuitive, which is an advantage when it comes to training and in case of emergency, operators just have release the button to signal stop. If an operator drops the traffic wand or trips an immediate red light message to ‘STOP’ gets out there to vehicles and plant.

The top button will power the unit off but can also be used to operate a Red only and White nose cone torch function’s so we have built in multiple functions into the one wand making it highly versatile.

The wand uses 18 high output red and green LED’s, it’s a compact yet highly visible traffic baton and we believe you will be impressed by the performance of this light unit.

Its translucent casing measures just under 15cm with a handle of 15cm, powered by 3 x AAA (not included) the unit weighs just 130 grams.

Thanks to the high specification red and green LED’s used in this wand it is as bright as any within our range, subject to light setting and battery quality, you get approximately 8-12 hours of continuous use.

We recommend using rechargeable batteries with a spare set of batteries and a separate battery charger so that the wand can always be in action – hot swap the batteries as and when needed so that the wand is always available to use.

A magnetic base allows deployment on metallic surfaces with the magnet being strong enough to support the wand vertically. (Note that this wand is not compatible with the optional tripod stand).

This light wand is compact enough to be comfortably attached to Hi-Viz jackets using Klickfast accessories (see Klickfast Torch holder and retro Screw to Fit Docking station)  it then provides a highly effective personal safety light that which can quickly be detached and deployed in its role as a marshalling wand. (We have found that when a wand is secured on a person via these Klickfast fittings it promotes product longevity as less likely for users to lose, drop or simply sit on them!)

The wand is made from durable polycarbonates, the small size and light weight contribute to making the light quite robust, reduced weight making it less prone to damage if dropped and the narrow circumference adding more rigidity to the overall design.

Although very compact, having such a large number of LED’s makes them highly visible, subject to ambient light conditions they can be seen at ranges up to 800m.

More typically they are used for closer banksman operations but the point is that these are bright enough to make them distinguishable against background construction lighting for improved operator signalling and safety.

The traffic control baton is weather resistant and will operate in severe and adverse weather conditions.

This kit comes with two Klickfast fittings, a torch attachment that fits to the handle of the banksman wand and a screw to fit docking system that is screwed through your PPE to provide a secure fixing, the wand can then be stowed or worn as a PPE light, with a twist action the wand can quickly be brought into action.

The advantages of this kit is that it will keep your wand stowed securely and is less likely to get dropped or mislaid, sat on if put in trousers etc…

Applications for…

Construction, Traffic Management, Police,  Military, Fire Service etc…

Modes Red constant, Green constant, White nose none torch function
Super bright traffic wand effective at up to 800m plus.
Overall 30cm long (handle 15cm, light tube 15cm)
Comfortable handhold design with  belt clip
Low power consumption over 8 hrs use (3 x AAA batteries).
Light weight & compact, easy to operate and carry.
Magnetic base

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