Red/Orange Aviation Wand 37cm Long



Long orange aviation wand with dual flashing functionality and solid orange/red light output with day glow orange material

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A long red Hi-Viz aviation marshalling wand with a slow red flash, quick red flash and red solid output operated by a single button that cycles through each function in the order as listed and operated by 2 X C Cell batteries (not supplied).

This design has a single LED mounted in the torch handle and projects a light into the Hi-Vis translucent light sleeve.

With less circuitry and no LED’s located in the light sleeve itself, the wand will withstand robust handling as there is less componentry that can be damaged in the event of drop or mishap.

The single 1W LED projects a softer light into the light tube, it is still visible at distances up to 300M but is designed so as not to be as bight as other models so as not to impair night vision.

Using a Hi-Viz light sleeve it is suited to daylight operations, the C Cell batteries also make it suited to long periods of use between battery changes 40+ hours (subject to setting and battery quality).

Operated by a single button the wand is easy to operate and will progress through its functions each time the button is pressed – slow red flash, quick red flash, red constant, off.

With a magnetic base it can be mounted to stationary metallic objects/vehicles.

With a length of 37 cm’s and wrist lanyard it weighs in at 170 grams (248 grams with batteries)

The extra length makes the wand suited to long distance signalling, it is easier for an observer to determine the direction been signalled with a longer light tube as you do not get such a cluster of light at distance as you would with a shorter wand.

The wand is weather resistant and is made of resilient polycarbonate light sleeve and tough ABS handle which makes it resistant to shock and damage.

Ideal for traffic management, its robustness makes it popular not just for the aviation sector but for general banksman duties in the construction sector

Applications for…

Construction, Aviation, Traffic Management, Police,  Military, Fire Service etc…


  • Modes Slow Red flash, Quick Flash, Red constant
  • Single button operation.
  • Durable with wipe clean materials
  • Bright effective at up to 300m +.
  • Comfortable handhold design with lanyard
  • Low power consumption over 40 hrs use (2 x C Cell batteries).
  • Light weight
  • Magnetic base

Additional information

Weight 0.168 kg
Dimensions 37 × 4 cm


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