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Police Drone Operations

We noticed Police drone operators conducting an operation in a quiet residential side street and lent them an evaluation set of our latest Knight Pod safety beacons so that they could place an illuminated cordon around their area of operation. As well as helping provide a visual warning around the landing zone, the Knight Pods […]

Construction Roadworkers Safety Light

An incredibly versatile, bright, lightweight and rechargeable safety light that can be attached simply by means of velcro style sticky pads to hard hats and PPE. They weigh less than 6 grams and so are unnoticeable when worn and been so lightweight they need nothing more than the supplied non permanent sticky velco style pads […]

NEW Banksman Safety Wand

Our latest traffic wand design introduces a two button operation so that traffic marshalls (often reffered to as banksmen in the trade) can continually cycle through red and green signalling modes using the unique pressure switch which has to be pressed and held to operate the green lighting mode.once the traffic wand has been turned […]

New LED Hazard Light for Police

Since we introduced the Knight Pod to the UK in 2009 we have seen many police forces recognise its potential to provide long term cost savings when compared to traditional police warning beacons. Extremely robust, rechargeable and compact, a case set of 6 units weighs less than 3kgs with the dimensions of a small briefcase┬áso […]