Emergency Services

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We started out creating a cost effective personal safety light for the police back in 2005. It differed to other products in that it had multiple LED’s and multiple operating modes with  2 X AA batteries for long duration and was compact when compared to the few police lights available at that time.

As LED technology progressed, light output and power efficiency improved. Listening to the feedback from our force customers and no longer needing to rely on AA batteries we were able to  ‘shrink’ the personal police light the result been the KB03 Police Light .

It still has multiple LED’s and still has multiple modes but is now a third of the original size of our first product, yet it is brighter and by virtue of its compact size way less prone to operational damage or mishap.

With a Klickfast stud fitting and crocodile style clip it can be securely worn by officers in uniform or plain clothes.

We have not stopped there though, with the KB04 police light we offer a superbly effective  rechargeable tactical police LED that weighs in at less than 7 grams, this is small enough to be fixed to PPE such as helmets as well as uniforms. Follow the link to learn more about this latest innovation.

We will continue to adopt the latest technologies and see how they can be applied to the safety of our emergency services and always welcome feedback and thoughts as to what could be of a benefit to officer safety so email info@knightkit.co.uk or call on 0121 357 03650