New LED Hazard Light for Police

New LED Hazard Light for Police

Since we introduced the Knight Pod to the UK in 2009 we have seen many police forces recognise its potential to provide long term cost savings when compared to traditional police warning beacons.

Extremely robust, rechargeable and compact, a case set of 6 units weighs less than 3kgs with the dimensions of a small briefcase so virtually any sized police vehicle can carry a set.

We have now produced another version after listening to the requirements of some of our police customers – this has a command and control feature and has a unique sequential flashing capability. It comes in a case set of 4 Knight Pods.

Turn the hazard lights on and the first in sequence can be used to control the flash pattern of the others including switching modes and turning all the lights off.

We have reduced the number of flash patterns to just two, in line with the requests from various police forces.  Mode one flashes all 16 LEDs for 360 degree warning, mode two  flashes just the 4 LEDs so that traffic is only warned in a single direction (you do not distract drivers in the opposite lane of travel).

Turn the leading unit off to turn off all the lights that are in line behind it.

Up to thee case sets of lights can be daisy chained together to produce an elongated demarcation line.

Available from the end of this month we are pleased to announce that we already have advanced orders for this product and have high expectations that come autumn we will see a similar demand for this model as we have with our original KnightPod hazard light.